One of the Canine Kids

As the children I gave birth to get older, spread their wings and threaten to move out, I find myself having to mother the canines in our life as if they were babies.  Or that’s what the humans in my house accuse me of.

RoseThat’s little Rosie on the left. As one of the pups in the last litter our momma Olde English Bulldogge had, she’s been a part of our lives since she took her first breath. For those of you who disagree with me about how dogs can be like children, check out the following list.

1) Don’t do that! – The number of times I tell our little toddler to not do something compares very closely to when my little ones went through their terrible twos.

2) You’ll ruin your dinner! – Rose will beg for treats the same as any kid who begs to have ice cream before dinner. The picture shown is the perfect example. She’s eying the bank teller and hoping there will be a milk bone when the canister comes back.

3) No pouting! – Had there not been a treat, my baby-girl would have put her head down on the seat and covered her nose with her paws. Dogs pouting? Most definitely!

4) A blankie and a teddy! -Just like the kids, Rose has her favorite toys…and a favorite blanket and when it’s nap time of playtime she goes to those favorite comforts.

5) Nighty-night! – We know when it’s bedtime without looking at the clock. Our little baby paces around, circles in her bed, and moves from lap to lap. Sighing and snuggling. Begging for bed.

I know I’m not alone. Most pet owners treat their animals like children, but how many of you have animals that act like children?


  1. I’m the mom of three feline children. I think the way they’re most like human kids is that they talk back sometimes!
    Me: Get off the counter!
    Cat: Meow! (Not getting off the counter.)
    Me: Seriously. Get down.
    Cat: Meow! (More strident now, giving me a glare, but still not getting down.)
    Cat: MEOW!! (As I lift her down off the counter.)
    The minute I turn my back, cat is immediately back on the counter.

  2. CMPhillips says:

    Ha! Aren’t animals wonderful, Jennifer. We had a cat who loved the counter too. My son’s dog (a lab) likes to put her paws up and peak to see if there’s anything up there she likes.

  3. I have grandchildren that act like animals. Is that the same? :)

  4. CMPhillips says:

    Ha! Leigh! I know some kids like that…swore me off kids. I’ll take the dogs. thank you very much.

  5. Our fur-kid is now so old she’s more like the senile great-great grandmother that everyone tells stories about! At almost 21 (in human years!) now, she forgets where her bed is, doesn’t play with toys much and mostly just sleeps the day away. But I remember when she used to play and beg … I miss those days!

  6. PS: she’s a pound-puppy of an origin no one can decipher – she’s black and yellow and brown and white, short body, long giraffe legs… and this weird, curly tail that only grows hair on the bottom side.

  7. CMPhillips says:

    Kristi, Your dog sounds amazing. Love the pound-puppies. We’ve had several through the years.