The Liebster Award! Paying it Forward.

Aside from being an wonderful friend and RWA chapter mate (MVRWA) Ayda Recknagel has honored me by awarding  my little corner of the web with the Liebster Blog Award.

Thank you so much, Ayda!

The Liebster – which translates to ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ – originated in Germany as a way to promote blogs with 200 followers or less.

Part of the honor of receiving the award is to spread the love by passing it on.

To accept I’ve agreed to:

  1. Thank the person who gave it to me and link back to their blog (Ayda’s blog is linked above. Check it out, you’ll love what you find.)
  2. Copy and paste the award to my blog
  3. Choose 5 blogs as a way of paying it forward and let them know they’ve been awarded by commenting on their blog
  4. Hope my 5 people pay it forward by accepting and sharing the love with 5 bloggers they love in kind.

Ayda named several other chapter mates, all who were well deserved.  I, too, would have honored them, but I love spreading the love around. A quick scan of who I follow was all it took to come up with five more awesome bloggers you need to be reading.

Check out and consider following these great blogs:

1. Julie Jarnagin

2. Sarah Nicolas

3. Mark Saleski

4. Mary K. Williams

5. Jessica Lemon